Partner research, done for you

Finding potential partners takes a lot of time and work. Let me make it easy. Get a list of custom prospective partners, including all the info you need to reach out and invite them to partner with you. All you’ll need to do is send the email. 

How it works:

Choose your package

You’ll decide how many prospective partners you want to start with. On average, my email template gets a 10% signup rate for partnerships, so you can expect to schedule about 1 partnership per 10 pitches. 

Tell me about your business

You’ll fill out a form to give me the details about your business. I’ll check out your responses, and if I think this is a fit, I’ll send you the payment link. Then we’ll schedule a phone call so we can discuss your goals in depth before I start finding prospects. 

Get your partners list

I’ll do the research and find you potential partners that fit your criteria. For each partner, you’ll get a name and contact email, an explanation of why they’d be a good fit for you, and a suggestion of the type of partnership they’re likely to want. 

Who is this for? 

Getting a list of prospective partners is just one piece of growing your business. If you don’t have a solid niche or sales path, then you’re not ready to reach out to partners. Instead, get in touch for a strategy call

But if you have a solid idea of what you’re selling, why it’s special, and who you’re selling to, and if you’re confident you’ll make the time to actually reach out, then this list of potential partners could be the resource you need to kickstart your growth.  

Plans and Pricing

How many partners do you need? It depends how many new customers you want! On average, my email template will get you a 30% response rate and a 10% signup rate, so you should get one promotion per every 10 pitches you send. Depending on the criteria you set for partners and the effectiveness of your sales path, you can expect between 50-100 new members of your audience for each promotion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I hire a virtual assistant to do this for me?
Of course you can! — but most virtual assistants don’t understand partner marketing, so the liklihood you’ll get any quality leads from a VA is very low. I’ve tried to hire VAs to do this for me, and I’ve always ended up with a messy list of prospects who don’t do partnerships and generic email addresses. It’s worth it to hire someone who knows how to find real partners. 
How is this different from a software to find influencers?
With the software, you still have to do all the work yourself. You have to set the criteria, choose the partners, and pitch them. With this package, you’ll get my expertise on partnerships helping you set your criteria, and I’ll find prospects who are likely to be interested in your product. 
Can I hire you to do my pitching for me too?
Maybe. I have offered done-for-you partner management where I do all the work for you, from finding the partners to pitching them and setting up the partnerships. I’m not very interested in doing that these days, but I might if you’re super awesome. If you think you have a product I’ll fall in love with and want to tell my whole rolodex about, send me an email and let’s talk. 
I want more prospects; do you offer bigger packages?
Sure! Get in touch and let me know how many prospects you want, and I’ll send you a custom package.