Partner With Influencers

Stop wasting time on random networking, and build the right connections to grow your business.

Get your custom plan for finding, connecting, and partnering with influencers who can help you grow your business.


(And do it in a way that feels good, removes the fear, and fills your client roster with your ideal people.)

Do you need a better way to grow your business?

Partnering with influencers is the simplest, most effective way to grow your business exponentially instead of incrementally.

When influential people share about you with a lot of your ideal clients, then your message gets heard by hundreds or thousands of potential customers, instead of a few at a time.

It’s like getting word-of-mouth referrals…but infinitely faster than just your neighbors and friends talking about you.

Influencer marketing is the most obvious proof that growing your business really is about who you know.

But if that’s the case…

Then what should you do if you don’t know anyone?

You need to connect with influencers in a way that will enable you to build a real relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

But you can’t build a real relationship with anyone without this one thing.

You need a foundation of human equality.

The only way to build real relationships – of any kind – is on a foundation of equality.

When you approach influencers feeling like you’re not good enough to talk to them, they know it. And they tend to agree.

To partner with influencers, you need to first find them…then connect with them…then approach them without offending them…and finally structure a partnership that’s mutually beneficial.

And that’s what you’ll get when you Partner With Influencers.

Partner With Influencers

Through weekly personal, one-on-one, hour-long calls, over the course of a month or two (however long you need) we’ll work together to create:


Your one-sentence “Core Message” description of what you do that will have your perfect partners leaning in and saying, “Tell me more,” because they can’t wait to learn about the value you can offer them and their audience


Your list of at least 25 hand-selected potential partners, including contact information for the right person


Custom templates for your email outreach to potential partners that will feel great for you to send and great for them to receive (even if the person you’re reaching out to is a total stranger)


A simple system for tracking exactly where you are in your outreach to each person so you never lose track of a conversation, and you always know the right next step to take with each influencer


A carefully crafted sales process that will take new people from discovering you through a partner introduction to becoming your customer, leveraging the type of partnership that’s the best fit for you and your business


A step-by-step plan for customizing and negotiating the structure of each partnership to make it a fit for you, your business, and your partner


A method for tracking the results you get from each partnership, so you can identify which ones are most successful and find more that are similar


At least three unique tailored-for-you influencer search strategies you can use to find new partners whenever you need them instead of wasting your time with random, scattershot networking

For just $125/call, get your custom strategy to partner with influencers

I know that reaching out to potential partners is the most important next thing for my business.  But just getting ready to approach influencers for potentially partnering with me has left me feeling sick to my stomach. It’s felt SO overwhelmingly daunting.

Enter Lisa Baker. Lisa breaks down the big, scary project into bite-sized nuggets that I can begin to fathom. The simplicity and clarity she brings is heartening. I am almost looking forward to sending the next email! 

Kel Wil

Founder, Showgirl Awakening

What’s in the calls?

Since this is a one-on-one program, your calls will be customized for you and your business needs. We’ll start where you need, focus on your priorities, and continue on a month-by-month basis till you’re done and ready to continue on your own. But here’s the general outline of what you can expect: 

Call #1: Your Core Value Message

In this call, we’ll dive into what makes you and your business unique, and we’ll craft a simple one-sentence value message that will intrigue and inspire partners to want to work with you. By the end of this call, you’ll have a one-sentence answer to the question “What do you do?” that will have your ideal customers and partners eager to hear more as soon as they meet you.

Call #2: Your Sales Path

We’ll identify exactly how you’ll structure your ideal partnerships, and we’ll craft the sales path that will welcome your new audience members to become your new clients and customers. By the end of this call, you’ll have a step-by-step process for transitioning people from the moment they first hear about you to the moment when they become customers. 

Call #3: Identify Your Types of Partners

In this call, we’ll look at your existing clients and audience and business metrics to set criteria for the types of partners you should look for. By the end of the call, you’ll have a set of specific keywords to use in your search for ideal influencers to partner with. 

Call #4: Find Influencers

You’ll create your list of influencers, and you’ll learn three specific search strategies you can use over and over to find more influencers to connect with. By the end of this call, you’ll have a list of influential potential partners to reach out to, and a system for finding more whenever you need to.

Call #5: Outreach Templates

In this call, we’ll craft the exact email templates you’ll use to reach out to influencers and invite them to partner with you. By the end of this call, you’ll have a message that will feel great for you to send – and great for them to receive.

Call #6: Negotiating Partnership Structures

In this call, you’ll learn exactly what to say when you get on the phone with an influencer to discuss a possible partnership. You’ll be able to go from “ideal to real” to craft a partnership that’s beneficial for everyone involved. By the end of this call, you’ll have a set of principles to use that will enable you to shape your partnerships so they’re always a win-win.

Call #7: Tracking Results

In this call, you’ll set up a simple system for tracking your results. You’ll also learn how to use results to find more of the right kinds of partnerships. By the end of this call, you’ll have a system for knowing exactly what your results are from each partnership, and exactly which partnerships you should prioritize when you want to grow your business.

Call #8: Questions

Your final call is for questions. If you want, you can delay this call till after you’ve had time to implement everything you’ve learned in the program. You can schedule this call at any time – while we’re working together or at any time in the future. Think of this last call as your “Bat phone” to get in touch with me if you get stuck at any point. It’s your bonus free call to get help down the road! 

Join the program

Who am I, and what do I know about partner marketing? 

Hi, my name is Lisa Baker. I started specializing in partner marketing in 2014.

I had worked in digital marketing since 2008, but I quickly fell in love with partner marketing for two reasons: first, because it’s all about relationships; and secondly, because it yields such big results. Over the past few years,

I’ve helped clients grow their email list steadily by 900 subscribers/month, launch products that generated as much as $2.5 million in revenue, and make more sales in one day than the whole previous month.

As a partner marketing manager, I’ve run affiliate launches, influencer campaigns, PR programs, and social media strategies. I’ve worked with clients in a lot of different industries, and I’ve developed a whole lot of systems and methods for connecting with influencers in an authentic, honest way and arranging partnerships that give a lot of value to both sides.

But my perspective on partner marketing has been shaped by my work outside of the industry. A few years ago, I began volunteering regularly with programs serving the homeless. I would spend my work hours on phone calls with the top online influencers in the industry – people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and make millions of dollars in one product launch – and then spend my evening volunteering at an herbal foot clinic for people experiencing homelessness.

In the course of an afternoon, I would go from talking with an A-list blogger about how many sales he had made for my client’s promotion, to treating a homeless person’s infected toenail and talking about his children whom he hadn’t seen since he’d been on the streets.

In the first situation, I often felt inferior: I was just the promotions manager for my clients, providing information and service to the partner who seemed to be much more important than me. In the second situation, I felt superior: I was helping those “less fortunate” than I.

But through the experience of switching back and forth between those two worlds, I came to realize that building a true connection with anyone relies on the foundation that despite our differences in privilege and power, all humans are fundamentally equal. And until I could sit down and talk with both the A-list blogger and the person experiencing homelessness with the deep certainty that we are equally human beings, with equal inner value, I could never build a relationship with either.

It’s this core belief, that real relationships can only grow on a foundation of radical human equality, that led me to question the way partner marketing is usually done, and that inspired me to create the Partner With Influencers program.

I want to partner with influencers on a foundation of equality!

$125/call. About eight calls. A custom Partner With Influencers strategy for your business.

Ready to sign up? 

Lisa rocks. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade, and she is at the top of the list of awesome people.  Matt McWilliams

Founder, The Affiliate Guy

Is this a fit?

The Partner With Influencers Program might be perfect for you if… 


You have a clear niche.

You know how to describe what you do and who it’s for.

You have a reasonably strong business model.

You know most of what people need to understand and experience before they buy your product or service. Your challenge is not that you don’t know how to make sales, but that too few of the right people have heard about what you do. You have some of the structure in place to grow a lot more, but you aren’t sure how to get in front of more of the right kinds of people.

Your business is ready to grow.

You could double your sales tomorrow, and it wouldn’t break you. You could quickly build a waiting list or expand your offerings to meet the demand. 

You're creative and you love trying new things.

You like experimenting and testing new strategies for your business. You get a kick out of diving into data and analyzing what’s working and what isn’t, and you’d love to learn more techniques and tactics to do that more.

You've got the time.

You’re willing and able to invest several hours a week over the next few months. 

Are we a perfect match?

This is a one-on-one mentoring program, so it’ll work best if we get along. These final criteria aren’t essential, but you and I will definitely get along if…

You care about social justice:

You support #BlackLivesMatter, you were inspired by Standing Rock, and you want to see more done to end homelessness.

You're a social entrepreneur:

Your business has an intrinsic and intentional connection to making the world a better place.  

You say fuck a lot.

And you’re not offended that I do. 

You talk fast:

You enjoy fast-paced, engaged conversations, and you don’t mind occasionally interrupting or being interrupted.

You love community:

Your dream weekend involves something like a bonfire, a case of local craft beer, and a guitar being passed around all evening.
When I started One Stone Creative, I knew that I had something valuable to offer that people wanted and needed. What I didn’t have was a way to approach people without a prior relationship that felt… good. So I stated working with Lisa Baker to develop a plan for approaching people with ideas for services and partnerships that felt GOOD for everyone involved. After a few months of working with her, my fear is gone – and my client roster is full. Megan Dougherty

Founder, One Stone Creative