Thanks for signing up for a consultation about your Facebook ads! 

Here’s how it works: 

1. I’ll look at your application within the next 5 days business days. 
2. If I think your business isn’t a good fit for this service, I’ll email you and let you know. 
3. If I think you are a good fit, I’ll email to schedule your consult. The fee is $250. 
4. You’ll pay 50% of the fee ($125) upfront. Then, we’ll have a call to talk through your Facebook ads and what I recommend. You’ll run a test adset for 3 days. 
5. A week after our consult, I’ll reach out to see what your results were. If you got subscribers for under $2/lead, then you pay the second half of the fee, and you keep running your ads and growing your list! If you didn’t reach the goal, then we’ll schedule another consult. 
6. You get 3 consults included, so we’ll keep iterating your ads until you’re getting leads for the price you want and growing your email list effectively and affordably.