Approach influencers
like the expert you are 

…with a clear offer, a clear ask, and a clear plan to skyrocket your business growth.

Become confident, strategic, and empowered to reach out and ask influencers for a partnership. 

Know exactly what to ask for…and how to increase your chance of getting a yes.

Prepare your business structures for partnerships, so you can be sure to fully leverage successful partnerships to grow your business. 

Build Your Partnership Framework

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business with a product or service that’s ready to grow, then partnering with influencers is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your offer in front of a bigger audience. But exactly how should you partner? What should you ask for? How should you structure a partnership so it’s mutually beneficial and gets you more customers and clients?

In this four-week group program, discover exactly what type of partnership structure is best for your business, set up the structures you need to ensure it succeeds, and start reaching out to influencers with a clear, simple ask that intrigues and delights them.


A step-by-step process from outreach to partnership

If you know you want to partner with influencers, there are several steps you need to take.

First, you need to find the types of influencers you want. That’s relatively easy, at least at first, because you already know them. They’re the people you follow, the people you respect and listen to, the people you learn from.

Next, you need to get in touch with them. This is a bit harder, but if you have a unique, clear angle to explain how your offer will benefit their audience, then you’re ready for this step, too.

But then, you need to ask them for a partnership.

And this is often where things break down.

One of the most common mistakes I see in influencer outreach is a lack of clarity in what you’re asking for. Do you ask them for a backlink? A guest post? An email to their list? A social share?

You don’t know, because the truth is, you don’t know which type of partnership structure would most benefit your business.

You don’t know what type of promotion from an influencer will help your business, and you don’t know what the details of that partnership should look like. You don’t know what your role should be in the partnership, or what you can reasonably ask the influencer to do.

And if they say no to your first ask, you have no idea how to negotiate what comes next.

Before you can feel good about reaching out to influencers, you need to know exactly what to ask for.

Which means you need to know what kinds of partnerships you could ask for…exactly how each of those potential partnerships could benefit your business…what your role and the influencer’s role would be in each of those frameworks…and the precise steps you need to take to ensure success.

Once you understand the options, and you know how to leverage them for your business, then you’ll know exactly what to ask for, and you can clearly and confidently ask for the partnership you want.

In the Partnership Frameworks Group Program, you’ll discover exactly what type of partnership will most benefit your unique business. You’ll learn how to structure it, what systems you need in place before it launches, and the exact phrases to say when you reach out to an influencer. And because you’ll also learn about all the different major types of partnerships (not just the one most likely to work for your business), you’ll be able to easily pivot to your second choice if a particular structure doesn’t work for an influencer you want to approach.

Build Your Partnership Framework

This is a four week group program that begins on May 13. In the program, you’ll learn:


The simple systems you need to put in place so your business gets the full benefit of the partnership (no matter which type of partnership structure you use)


Which business goals a particular type of partnership will accomplish for you (if you do it right)


Exactly how to describe the type of partnership you want to an influencer when you reach out


The key information about your business that will make a partnership appealing to influencers (this includes some great insider tips I’ve discovered over the years!)


The best way to respond when an influencer says no

How it works:


Every Monday, starting on May 13, 2019, you’ll get that week’s lesson in a live video call. You can attend the call at noon, or you can watch the recording at your convenience.


Also on Monday, you’ll get a homework assignment with a step-by-step process to help you prepare for and choose the right type of partnership for your business.


Every Thursday, you can attend office hours where I’ll answer questions specific to your business and the assignment you’re working on.


Throughout the week, you can post questions in the Facebook group to discuss with your fellow students and with me.

This program covers a core section of what I teach in my 1:1 Partner With Influencers program. That program costs $1500. Usually, one call with me costs $250. If I continue offering this, I anticipate it will eventually cost around $500. However, for this first round, I’m charging just $100.

PLUS – if you’re one of the first ten people to sign up, you’ll get a BONUS thirty-minute, 1:1 call with me at the end of the program to help you apply what you learned to the specifics of your business! 

What’s in the program?

Here’s the outline of the program: 

Week 1 (May 13-17): Your business foundation for all partnership frameworks

This week, you’ll choose one primary goal for your partnerships, identify the best path for your customer journey, and set up the business structures you need to make any partnership a success. 

Week 2 (May 20-24): Content partnerships

We’ll talk about what the different types of content partnerships are and how to use them in your business. You’ll discover what goals and what businesses make a content partnership most effective, and you’ll identify ways you could use content partnerships for your business. 

Week 3 (May 27-31): Giveaway partnerships

We’ll talk about giveaways – when they work and what types of influencers work with them. You’ll learn how to evaluate whether a giveaway is worth it for your business, and how to negotiate giveaway partnerships with influencers. 

Week 4 (June 3-7): Affiliate partnerships

You’ll learn how to calculate whether you can pay an affiliate commission, and if so, how much it should be. You’ll discover what affiliate partners really care about (it’s probably not what you think). And you’ll learn how to give affiliates the tools they need to successfully promote you. 

Get your custom partnerships framework

When I started One Stone Creative, I knew that I had something valuable to offer that people wanted and needed. What I didn’t have was a way to approach people without a prior relationship that felt… good. So I stated working with Lisa Baker to develop a plan for approaching people with ideas for services and partnerships that felt GOOD for everyone involved. After a few months of working with her, my fear is gone – and my client roster is full. Megan Dougherty

Founder, One Stone Creative

Who am I, and what do I know about influencer partnerships? 

Hi, my name is Lisa Baker. I started specializing in influencer marketing in 2014.

I had worked in digital marketing since 2008, but I quickly fell in love with partnerships for two reasons: first, because it’s all about relationships; and secondly, because it yields such big results. Over the past few years,

I’ve helped clients grow their email list steadily by 900 subscribers/month, launch products that generated as much as $2.5 million in revenue, and make more sales in one day than the whole previous month.

As a partner marketing manager, I’ve run affiliate launches, influencer campaigns, PR programs, and social media strategies. I’ve worked with clients in a lot of different industries, and I’ve developed a whole lot of systems and methods for connecting with influencers in an authentic, honest way and arranging partnerships that give a lot of value to both sides.

But my perspective on partner marketing has been shaped by my work outside of the industry. A few years ago, I began volunteering regularly with programs serving the homeless. I would spend my work hours on phone calls with the top online influencers in the industry – people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and make millions of dollars in one product launch – and then spend my evening volunteering at an herbal foot clinic for people experiencing homelessness.

In the course of an afternoon, I would go from talking with an A-list blogger about how many sales he had made for my client’s promotion, to treating a homeless person’s infected toenail and talking about his children whom he hadn’t seen since he’d been on the streets.

In the first situation, I often felt inferior: I was just the promotions manager for my clients, providing information and service to the partner who seemed to be much more important than me. In the second situation, I felt superior: I was helping those “less fortunate” than I.

But through the experience of switching back and forth between those two worlds, I came to realize that building a true connection with anyone relies on the foundation that despite our differences in privilege and power, all humans are fundamentally equal. And until I could sit down and talk with both the A-list blogger and the person experiencing homelessness with the deep certainty that we are equally human beings, with equal inner value, I could never build a relationship with either.

It’s this core belief, that real relationships can only grow on a foundation of radical human equality, that led me to question the way partner marketing is usually done, and that inspired me to create my programs to help entrepreneurs connect with influencers confidently on a foundation of equality.

I want to build my partnerships framework!

$100. Four weeks. A clear path to start partnering with influencers.

Ready to sign up? 

Lisa rocks. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade, and she is at the top of the list of awesome people.  Matt McWilliams

Founder, The Affiliate Guy

Is this a fit?

The Partner With Influencers Program might be perfect for you if… 


You have a clear niche.

You know how to describe what you do and who it’s for.

You have a reasonably strong business model.

You know most of what people need to understand and experience before they buy your product or service. Your challenge is not that you don’t know how to make sales, but that too few of the right people have heard about what you do. You have some of the structure in place to grow a lot more, but you aren’t sure how to get in front of more of the right kinds of people.

Your business is ready to grow.

You could double your sales tomorrow, and it wouldn’t break you. You could quickly build a waiting list or expand your offerings to meet the demand. 

You're creative and you love trying new things.

You like experimenting and testing new strategies for your business. You get a kick out of diving into data and analyzing what’s working and what isn’t, and you’d love to learn more techniques and tactics to do that more.

You've got the time.

You’re willing and able to invest several hours a week over the next month.