What you’ll get in this one-hour call:

This is a strategy session, not a sales call! I’ll help you identify the next best steps for you to grow your business in an authentic way, and I’ll lay out a step-by-step plan so you can put the strategy into action. My goal is to help you double your customer base through the strategies you’ll get in this session.

What does it mean to Pay What Feels Good for coaching?!?!

I think it’s impossible to place an objective value on business growth. The monetary value of marketing coaching for you depends on where your business is right now, how much revenue you’re making, and how much more revenue you can make as a result of this session.

That’s why I offer this strategy session on a pay what feels good basis: so you can decide what value makes the most sense for you and your business right now.

Here’s how it works: you have two options.

Option one: You pay $50 to reserve your spot. After the session, you decide whether you want to pay more. I’ll send you a link to my paypal.me, where you can put any amount you want. If you don’t want or aren’t able to pay more than $50, that’s perfectly okay!

Option two: You pay the standard price of $250. If you’re uncomfortable with the whole concept of deciding what you feel it’s worth, this is the easy option. It’s my standard price.

You’ll get the same session and the same service no matter which option you choose. Choose the value that feels right to you, based on the current stage of your business. 

Choose your option and schedule your session:


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